Forever Hope Donated £10,000 To Alex’s Wish

20th June 2016

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We’re extremely pleased to announce that, alongside actor Tom Holland, we’ve donated £10,000 to the Alex’s Wish Charity!


We’re looking forward to continually supporting this great charity and helping them with their amazing work.


Alex’s Wish supports sufferers of Duchenne – one of the most common fatal genetic disorders diagnosed in children.


It is caused by a fault in the dystrophin gene – a protein that is necessary for muscle strength and function. Without this gene, every single skeletal muscle deteriorates as muscle fibres break down and replaced by fibrous fatty tissue. Here is some more information about the disease –


– A relentless muscle wasting disease
– Every single skeletal muscle is affected
– Mainly affects boys rarely girls
– 100% fatality rate – most will not live beyond their twenties
– It affects 1 in every 3,500 live male births, around 100 cases in the UK per year
– 2 boys die of Duchenne each week – one of the world’s biggest genetic killers
– Because dystrophin is absent, the muscle cells are easily damaged
– Progressive muscle weakness leads to serious medical problems
– Degeneration of the lungs means boys with Duchenne need a ventilator to breathe
– Muscles of the heart degenerate by late teens meaning the condition is severe enough to affect life expectancy


– No long-term effective treatment without major side effects e.g. steriods
– No cure… yet!
– No common standards of care
– Lack of awareness, research and funding
– Huge costs and time of transfer from clinical research to production of treatment


Alex’s Wish current aims are  to eradicate Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy within the next 10 years by raising funds and supporting research/clinical trial projects and support clinical trial capacity to ensure that there are enough staff in place to run the increasing number of trials taking place.


You can find out more about this amazing charity here –

We've donated £10,000 to the Alex's Wish Charity, alongside actor Tom Holland

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